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Bespoke Bookcases, Custom Made to Measure Furniture

Bespoke Bookcases, Custom Made to Measure Furniture | The BEST Company in Custom Home Bespoke Furniture in 2020!

We offer an extensive collection of bespoke bookcases, fitted shelving, built in bookcase products, and made to measure bookcases that stylishly blend with your home. Our made to measure bookcases provide a true sense of harmony; custom furniture fit seamlessly into your awkward spaces.

Made to measure shelving works in any room, and can incorporate features, such as mirrors in the hallway, media centres, and other furniture. Equip an entire room with bespoke shelving and enjoy your own library. Studies with custom shelving and a bespoke desk are wonderful ways to make use of a small room.

Bespoke Bookcases -- Streamlined Modern Made to Measure Furniture So Everything Has a Place.

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Custom bookshelves:
Making the most out of bespoke furnishings

Bespoke furniture, such as made to measure bookcases, is the perfect solution for making the most of space and optimising design features to suit you, your lifestyle and your belongings. At Empatika, our design process makes sure you get every last inch of space working for you, with our custom bookcase solutions.

We get to know you, your home and your best custom shelving solution. Empatika’s expert designers will then create a 3D drawing of the design. We will work with you to refine the blueprints until you're completely happy with your made to measure design. Once you approve, we'll get to work on your custom furniture!

  • Custom lighting can be incorporated into your made to measure bookcases design to highlight your favourite possessions.

  • Your bespoke furniture design can incorporate a variety of shelving and storage options to suit your needs.

  • Whether modern or tradition, our custom designs add style and function to your living space.

Made to measure bookcases:
The functional and stylish way to organise your home

Freestanding bookshelves, wedged into alcoves, look awkward and dated. In many homes, you need shelving and storage furniture to house all manner of belongings, from books to games, photographs, and music or film collections. Every home has bookshelves, in one form or another. But mismatching bookshelves don’t allow the home to flow.

Empatika’s beautiful made to measure bookcases not only deliver on function. These custom furniture brings a beautiful form and flow to your home. Our made to measure bookcases fit perfectly, make the best use of space, and are designed to your exact specifications. Empatika’s bespoke bookcases are the ultimate stylish way to organise your home.

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Sustainable custom fitted bookcases: Bespoke shelving and storage solutions with a heart

Deforestation is one of the biggest problems facing the planet right now. The carpentry industry has to take responsibility and make ethical choices. At Empatika, we make the effort to reduce our impact on forests through the use of sustainable wood.

The wood that we use for bespoke furniture, such as bookcases, storage and other shelving products, is a low formaldehyde MDF product, made from tree off cuts and sawdust which is then pressed together. Additionally, we ensure all the wood we buy is sourced from responsibly managed forests. We can also use recycled glass and plastic for our finishing touches; we can finish your bookcases using eco plant based paints.

  • We are passionate about sustainability.

  • All the wood we buy is sourced from well managed forests.

  • Our Milo furniture range is produced entirely from discarded waste wood.

  • For paint finishes, we only use eco plant based paints.

  • We support the World Land Trust and the Woodland Trust.

  • When our customers choose an eco option, we plant a tree and buy an acre of tropical rainforest.

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Stylish Custom Bookcases in Contemporary Designs
Eye-catching Furniture for Stylish Homes

The bespoke furniture you choose for your home has an impact on the style of your interiors. Clean modern bespoke shelving is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated alongside a range of interior design trends, from modern to traditional. Made to measure bookcases add style and function to any room.

Whether you choose uniform shelving, cube shelving or a combination of different shelving and storage spaces, our bespoke designs won’t look just like other bookcases. Designed for you, our bespoke shelving and storage look great and keep your home from looking cluttered. Our contemporary and minimalist styles look fabulous in any home.

Bespoke Bookcases Gallery

At Empatika, we want nothing more than to bring you beautiful, streamlined made to measure shelving and storage solutions. Uplift your home from the ordinary with Empatika’s exceptional bespoke bookcases.


Do you have a room that needs a functional and stylish upgrade?

Or, do you just want simple yet stylish, well built shelving and storage? Whatever your requirement, Empatika can help.

We buy our customers an acre of the Rainforest to preserve it forever through the World Land Trust.

Empatika is proud to support the Woodland Trust by dedicating a tree for each of our customers.

All pictures on our website are of work we have designed and built.

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